DuoScreen - 'Laptop's Missing Half' Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Elevate Mobile Productivity

Nomadz, Inc. is proud to announce its first flagship product, DuoScreen, the world's first attachable mobile workstation for laptops.

With its Kickstarter campaign in motion, Nomadz, Inc. has received overwhelming support for their flagship product DuoScreen. Since launching the 30 day campaign on September 15th, the company received over 20 percent of its $100,000 goal in the first 10 hours and has reached the 30 percent mark three days into the campaign.

Software engineer Nicholas Greco thought of the idea while working from a coffee shop and realized how great a second screen would be for him there. With the concept in mind, he then quit his job and quickly teamed up with Mechanical Engineer Ben Matzke, and started developing the design for DuoScreen. “I’m kind of a big risk taker,” said Greco, co-founder of Nomadz, Inc. “I’ll put all my eggs in one basket and hope for something big.”

DuoScreen has been in the works for awhile now, and we're really happy to release a product on Kickstarter we ourselves would support and use,

Ben Matzke, Co-Founder of Nomadz Inc.

With a 15.6 inch 1080p HD display, DuoScreen attaches to your laptop and connects via USB, making it the simplest and most hassle-free second screen on the market. The full retail price for the DuoScreen will be $349, but the Kickstarter campaign offers an Early-Bird Special price of $239 for those supporting at the ground level.

“DuoScreen has been in the works for awhile now, and we're really happy to release a product on Kickstarter we ourselves would support and use,” Matzke commented about the launch. Greco added, “I enjoyed working anywhere with my laptop, but found myself yearning for my multiple screen environment. That's why we built DuoScreen, to merge two-screens with mobility.”

A second screen is a common and integral component of the modern desktop. Studies have shown that using multiple screens can boost productivity lost by up to 50 percent. DuoScreen duplicates this productivity by finally creating a functional second screen for your laptop. With more professionals working remotely, DuoScreen solves a problem for the millions of people working between their home offices and public locations.

After Greco and Matzke created DuoScreen’s prototype they were accepted into Pittsburgh’s Thrill Mill start-up accelerator in December 2013. There they joined with Jake Howell, an industrial designer, who helped them finish the design and improved its functionality by innovatively switching the shell from plastic to aluminum. The new case, a sleek butterfly-shaped laptop dock, provides laptop ventilation and an ergonomic slant for easier typing. It folds around the laptop securely with elastic bands, making it travel friendly.

To learn more, please visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1740411623/duoscreen-your-laptops-missing-half for further information.

About Nomadz, Inc.

Nomadz, Inc. designs products that provide the functionality and productivity of the stationary desk anywhere you can take your laptop. Based in Pittsburgh, PA, Nomadz is co-founded by Software Developer Nicholas Greco, Mechanical Engineer Ben Matzke, and Industrial Designer Jacob Howell, and has been recently featured in USA Today, PC Gamer, and Next Pittsburgh.

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